Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Old soul in a young man

19 year old singer, songwriter Jake Bugg has been taking the UK by storm. Despite his age, he grew up listening to all the classics: from the Beatles to Jimi Handrix, from Oasis to Bob Dylan. His musical education was definitely varied, which is plain to sees in his work.

Jake Bugg is part of the current folk wave that seems to be sweeping the UK (and I couldn't be happier), but he has a sound that is quite unique. His voice has the same old soul sound you can find when listening to Dylan, and his lyrics portray a maturity that isn't common for a 19 year old.

Although he is young, Jake already has three years or performing under his belt. He's played at Glastonbury, and will soon be performing in Toronto. He's a performer that needs to be seen to truly appreciate, but until he's in Canada, here's a taste of what Jake Bugg is best at.

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